Disasters can happen at anytime and anyplace, and the most devastating disasters are often those that occur unexpectedly and with little warning.  FEMA defines disaster preparedness as “a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, evaluating, and taking corrective action in an effort to ensure effective coordination during incident response.” (See the Preparedness Cycle image below).

Preparedness Cycle continuous loop graphic showing Planning, Organizing, Training, Equipping, Exercising, Evaluating, and Taking Corrective Action
Preparedness Cycle. Source:

Using mitigation (actions to reduce emissions and activities that contribute to climate change) and adaptation (actions to improve resiliency to climate change and natural hazards), the City is proactively preparing for future conditions.

On this website, you’ll find resources for understanding the purpose, importance, and process of increasing disaster preparedness. Additionally, you will learn how to get prepared by following a simple, three-step process of making a plan, building a kit, and helping each other.