Greenhouse gases (GHG) occur naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere. Since the time of the Industrial Revolution, however, human activity has significantly increased concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Burning fossil fuels for energy generation is a one of the leading, human-produced causes of higher GHG levels.

In Baltimore City, the consumption of electricity, natural gas, kerosene and heating oil within residential, commercial and industrial buildings generates over 79.5 percent of GHG  emissions community-wide. In addition to reducing these GHG emissions, energy efficiency actions can lower utility bills and lead to long-term energy cost savings and a reduced risk of rising energy prices for building owners.

On this website, you’ll find opportunities to learn about the fundamentals of energy efficiency as well as tips for increasing your home or building’s energy performance through weatherization, appropriate roofing and landscaping techniques, and the use of small scale renewables.