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Tips On the Go

Making smarter transportation choices has both economic and environmental benefits. You can reduce your travel footprint by improving the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, if you have one, and using less-polluting methods for your commute, such as carpooling; riding the bus, light rail or train; biking or walking.

The Steps You Can Take—On the Go page of this website includes tips for reducing the negative impacts of your transportation by taking actions related to:


If you drive, choosing a fuel efficient car is the first step. After that, it’s important that you continue to care for your car properly.


Commuting to and from work is a major part of most people’s days.  These tips explain how you can reduce your impact by choosing a more resource-friendly mode of traveling.


All that we do, including our travel and vacationing, impacts the environment. How you get to where your going is a major decision; and be sure to also consider what you do during your trip, which is discussed in the Steps You Can Take—Every Day page of this website.