Steps You Can Take

As the City of Baltimore takes climate change adaptation and mitigation actions, there are also some steps you can take to help out. Click the links below to learn about tips for making little changes each day, at home, at work, at your business,  and on the go!

EverydayOn the GOAt Home LinkAt Work LinkFor Businesses Link

In the following sections, the estimated cost of each recommended strategy or investment is represented by a comment or dollar signs ($) at the start of each item. Investments range from FREE!, $ (small investment), $$ (medium investment), and $$$ (large investment). Additionally, for purchases or investments that you already make, slight changes could make them greener. The comment “ NO/LOW COST!” refers to the cost added to an existing investment. For example, because you already purchase food switching to organic products will either be free, or generate only minimal extra cost. Amounts are relative and should not be compared across categories. These are estimates only.


Responding through preparedness, adaptation, & mitigation