Green Tip Resources

The following list is a collection of websites that offer wonderful tips, activities, and information on how you can reduce your ecological footprint and live a healthier, greener life—on a budget! Find resources in the following categories:

  1. Make Going Green Fun!: Activities, rewards programs, and incentives for going green.
  2. General Green Tips: Websites offering tips and information about going green.
  3. Kids: Educational resources and activities for kids and families.
  4. Green Tips, Sorted: Efficiency and preparedness sorted by category.
  5. Seasonal Tips: Efficiency and preparedness tips sorted by season.
  6. Carbon Offsetting: Websites that help you offset your emissions.
  7. Green News: Sources for getting daily green news.
  8. Baltimore News: Sources for news in Baltimore.

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Make Going Green Fun!

  • Recyclebank — Earn points for taking action!
  • EcoBonus — Get rewarded for purchasing environmentally friendly products. Redeem points for coupons, products, donations, products, and more!
  • TerraCycle — This program allows you to get points for recycling items, often waste that you cannot set out with local curbside pickups! Sign up to become a collector and gather goods to be sent in! Great for businesses and communities!


Kids — Activities and Education

Green Tips, Sorted

Seasonal Tips

Carbon Offsetting

Green News Sites and Blogs

Baltimore News (Official and not)


Responding through preparedness, adaptation, & mitigation